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About Bitcoin and earning system

Bitcoin value is increased so high.. It will keep increasing because there is limit in number of coins and in every 4 years, reward from the each block reduced to half.


Now 1 BTC =  5,940 US Dollar = 4,93,522 Bangladeshi Taka.

There is 4 ways to get bitcoin free  —

  1.  Someone gives you..
  2.  Buy bitcoin from others.
  3.  By mining or investing in mining site.
  4. Doing some free stuff.

You can learn more from bitcoin.org

How to earn freebitcoin my favorite way.

I posted in this site about 2 years ago with a earning method.. people ignored and said it is so low in value(অবশেষে বিনা পরিশ্রমে বিটকয়েন earn করার উপায় পেলাম ১০০% পেমেন্ট) .  Then i posted method how to earn BTC by rolling in this post অবশেষে বিনা পরিশ্রমে বিটকয়েন earn করার উপায় (earn with autobot stop working) . By joining this site you can earn BTC by rolling . It don’t give so much bitcoin but it’s value will increased so high in 4 year later. Two years ago 0.00005000 BTC was only 1 taka worth now it is 24 taka.. It increased almost 24x. I didn’t got so many bitcoin by rolling everyday. But now it’s value increased so high and Now I have about almost 0.08BTC which worth like 50,000 taka. this value Here is a proof. I just did some rolled avg 2-5 time per day. This was worth only 2000 taka in 2 years ago now it is 50,000.  

that time they gave almost 1000 satoshi for  every roll.. now it reduced because the price of BTC is increased soon it will be reduced more. There is high chance to earn some little amount BTC which will worth so much in 2/4 years later. You can search google and learn more about bitcoin. You can buy so many thing with bitcoin.. You can buy steam,amazon gift cards. also can sell your bitcoin in exchange of money. Here learn why this sites give free BTC.

Just go this site and Register and roll and earn free BTC. it will worth enough one day.

Sorry for my bad English.

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